Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bear's hat and gloves


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/_____\ Polly de Cat

Monday, February 2, 2009

Q's teaching

Like a body.Simplest body and head Subject controls the object.More complicated , has limbs - verbs .More complicated put on clothing body clothing - adjectives , put on limbs clothing -adverbs.Put on punctuation stops hands and feet control the pace.

Best way is not to let students think they are learning grammar.Teach a sentence eg "I like to eat ice cream" then change parts eg Subject I , we , they , you , he , she , you plural. Then try changing the object . Bananas , chips , tofu ,fish intestine . Then try verb . To freeze , to melt , to scoop , to make.then the auxiliary verb hate , love . Then add an adverb eg I like to eat ice cream , quickly , slowly .Get them to find substitutes for each part of the sentence .G