Friday, March 27, 2009

run in the rain, walking and talking while raining

THANKS GIVING to those served in the VIP room
Today is our School Sports Day (Finals) at 8am, I took medicine before leaving home. It’s cold and raining with wind. All teachers and students have to hide themselves in their umbrellas and waited for the rain to stop. I was weak, sleepy and cold. Some of the events were cancelled while some of the games were postponed to 9am. I took rest in the VIP room after reporting to the umpire team and before the duty time. The VIP room was used for first-Aid centre and some volunteers were there. One of the care takers found my face was red and asked me to have body-temperature measurement. It’s normal but I felt cold and they gave me jackets. The students gave me hot water brought from working desk, they were very kind to me. Some told me jokes to cheer me up. But some students were bored with only 1 “VIP” and took my mobile, they entered their numbers and saved their names! The officials told me to stay there and measured my temperature time by time, no fever but sometimes it was too low. There’s no improvement and my body became colder, then I left the sports centre early with approval by 10mins to 11am.

混身無力 =.= 現在肩頭不能擔犁頭